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Development Factors of Student Teachers' Instructional Skills in the Field of Social Studies / Dhaifalla A. Al-Thobaitey

The main purpose of the present study is to identify the contribution rate of 37 factors in developing student teachers' skills of teaching social studies, and the problems that face these students during their student teaching practice .
The sample of the study included 113 student teachers who were taking student teaching during the first semester of 1996, as well as their college supervisors, cooperating teachers . and school principals where the student teachers took their practice . Their semester was selected randomly from the two semesters of 1996. Percentage, mean analysis of variance, , ANOVA,  , and Tukey Procedure were used to analyze the data .
The results indicated that the contribution rate in developing students teachers' skills in teaching social studies was high for 34 factors, two of them were giving the student teachers a chance to choose a school for their student reaching practice, and cooperative teachers' experience. The results also indicated that the two main problems facing the student teachers during their student teaching practice in the field of social studies are that not enough attention is given to the student teachers, and that the student teachers are fearful of facing the students.

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