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The Compatibility of Freshman EFL Textbooks Used by Saudi Universities with Islamic Culture / Ahmad Omer Alhaidari

The study aimed at getting more information about the state of teaching freshman English in Saudi universities. Also, the study aimed at knowing to what extent are the freshman English textbooks used in the English language departments or centers in Saudi universities compatible with Saudi Islamic culture. To achieve these goals, the researcher used two instruments_ A Survey Sheet was distributed amongst the department chairmen to seek complete information about freshman English. Besides this, a Textbook Evaluation Checklist Information Sheet was used by the researcher himself to evaluate the freshman textbooks , illustrations, contents, vocabulary and exercises,  regarding their compatibility with Saudi Islamic culture The conclusions drawn included variation among the Saudi universities in the selection of the books and the allocation of study units. The study showed good awareness of the selection of textbooks according to Saudi culture. However, a series of books entitled Interactions I and II were found culturally biased and against Saudi Islamic culture. Among the recommendations made was the suggestion that a unified program for the selection of textbooks should be instituted. The books entitled Interactions should be immediately replaced with better ones. A committee at national level may also be constituted to evaluate the foreign books on a periodic basis. The Ministry of Higher Education should constitute a team of experts, curriculum planners and book writers to develop indigenous freshman course books keeping in view Saudi Islamic culture.

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