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An Analysis of the Saudi Educational Policy and Suggestions for its Improvement   / Sarah A, Al-Mengash

The main purpose of this study was to analyze the Saudi educational policy issued by the Higher Committee of Educational Policy in 1970. The goals of this analysis were to check that this policy is compliance with the standards of the international educational policy, to examine the language form of the policy and its implementation, and to propose some necessary suggestions to improve the Saudi educational policy. In order to achieve these goals, the study performed three basic tasks. First, it summarized and classified the most important standards of the international educational policy. Secondly, the study examined some successful policies in other countries. Finally, research related to the formation and implementation of the policy was reviewed. The major findings of the study were as follows: 1. The Saudi educational policy as presented in the Educational Policy Document was put forth thirty-four years ago and had no modifications despite the rapid changes in Saudi society and the advancement in the scientific field. 2. The language form of some policies needed to be clarified to make the policies clearer and more irnplementable. 3. The Saudi educational policy did not quiet meet the standards of the international educational policy; therefore, some policies needed to be modified or added. 4. Some of the educational policies were implemented, while some others were not. 5. Finally, the research offered some suggestions for improving the Saudi educational policy.

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