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Administrative Styles of Public Secondary School Principals in Jordan and their Relationship to Teachers Creative Behavior / Rateh AL Saud ,Ma'in Amin AI Shamayleh

The purpose of this study Was to investigate the administrative styles of public secondary school principals in Jordan according to Rensis Likert theory, and to identify their relationship to teachers' creative behavior. Sample of the study consisted of t] 30 principals. and the sample of the study included [650] teachers. To collect data of the study.the researchers developed two instruments: first: the four administrative style scale. and the second; creative behavior scale. They verified the validity and reliability of the two instruments. Results of the study indicated that the degree at which public secondary school principals practice administrative style was high for , Participative Democratic, Consultative Democratic, Authoritative Exploitative, . and for the style {BeneVol.ent Authoritative,  was medium. Moreover. results revealed that the degree at which public secondary school teachers practice creative behavior was medium. Also, results of the study showed that there was a positive stattstical significance relationship at , as 0.05,  between the principals' practice of the four administrative styles and teachers' creative behavior level.



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