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The Effect of Usmg Instructional Games on Enhancing The Mathematical Thinking of Eighth Grade Students / Khamis Mousa Nejem

The purpo5e of the study was to investigate the effect of using instructional games on enhancing the mathematical thinking ofeighth grade students - To achieve this purpOSe a study saniple of ,  14?,  male and female students was selected from the eighth grade . Thissample was divided into four groups . "lit 0 groups were randomly chosen to be the experimental groups . the others were the control groupsThe instrument of the Study was a mathematical thinking test which contained si\ major categories that covered the followingcharacteristics of mathematical thinking : induction , deduction . mathematical proof , logical thinking {formal logic,  , reasoning andrationalization and ward problem solvingData analysis procedures using Two- Way Analysis ot‘Varianceretcaled thatThere was a significant difference between experimental and control groups means on post-test mathematical thinking in favor ofthe experimental groupsThere “ere no significant differences between means nt'males and females on post-test mathematical thinkingThere were no significant differences between means of students on post-test mathematical thinking due to interaction bent eenteaching method and Students' gender.

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