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How the Leadership Characteristic is Different according to the Level of Creative Thinking of The V Essential Grade in lrbld Town / Abdel Hakim Mahmoud El safi,Othman Mustafa at jabber

This research aims to surveying how leadership characteristic levels are different according to the levels of the creatix‘e thinkingfor the 3"” essential grade pupils in a school in irbid.To achieve this aim, a sample of I334,  male and female pupils was selected. Turans's test for creative thinking .in its oral form , wasapplied. Also.leadership characteristic measurement was applied on this sample.The results revealed that there are differences between the average of performance of high level pupils and that of low level pupils inthe creative thinking. These differences have a statistical notion at the level l 0,05 2 a , . All these diferences were on behalf of the highlevel pupils.
Moreover, this research revealed that there are ditl‘crences‘ of statistical notion at the level l 0,05 20: , . between the average ofperformance of female pupils and that of male ones on the measurement of leadership characteristic. The differences were on behalf of themale pupils.The research revealed also that there is no difference. of statistical notion at the level { 0.05 2 o. }, between the exchanges of theresearch.


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