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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 4, No. 2, 1992

Women and Research in Higher Education between Reality and Challenges:A Field Study / Hend Majed

This study aims at investigating the research productivity of women. It uses the quantity of publishing as a tool for measuring the production. The results of the study showed that the women shared considerably in the research productivity. The number of productions to the date of this study is 37 field studies. 22 articles, 12 books and 8 translations. Women shared in more than one field of production.
Difficulties faced by women in the field of scientific research could be classified according to importance as revealed from the results of the study as follows: scarcity of availability of assistant researchers to facilitate research procedures; scarcity of scientific specialized seminars; limitations on use of Central Library; lack of providing the researcher with sources of information; difficulty in field studies; scarcity of scientific magazines; no chance for reactions among academic staff; absence of financial encouragement; absence of encouraging team work research; difficulties in publishing procedures; involvement in administrative tasks; difficulties of transportation as a result of absence of driver; lack of financial resources; involvement in family duties and unawareness of the husband for the research requirements; involvement in social affairs.

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