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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 4, No. 2, 1992

The Need for Complimentary Roles of Educational Systems to Accomplish Teaching Staff Development in Saudi Arabia / Abdul-Aziz H. Al-Bataa

The study started with the new definition of teaching staff development, and the writer estimated the amount of needed development in relation to Dwight Allen‘s model of “differentiated teaching staff.“ Then the obstacles of teaching staff development were treated: (1) school needs of more human and material resources to reduce the workload of teachers and administrators and to improve the teaching and learning processes. (2) The need of the junior colleges (now four year colleges) for more faculty. (3) Modifying admission requirements for the teaching staff to bachelor and graduate levels as well as modifying master programs in university education colleges so that these colleges will be capable of handling teaching staff development. In order to overcome theses obstacles the writer suggested combining all educational systems in one ministry. establishing teacher associations and diversifying educational financial resources.

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