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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 4, No. 2, 1992

Students’ Opinions towards Viewing Television and Video / Abdul-Aziz M. Alageely

This research paper is about students' opinions on television and video programs. This paper discusses the aspects related to TV and video such as the TV sets‘ numbers, viewing hours. the preferable channel and programs, and whether television has the power to change students‘ habits in their daily life such as sleeping and waking up in the morning ... etc.
The sample population of this research is randomly drawn from the timetable of the classes of the College of Education. King Saud University.1988-1989. The results of this research indicated that the population represents different educational level of students, departments. incomes and ages. One of the most important findings was that televisions were widely spread among students. and the students viewed video not only because television programs were not interesting but because they can see some specific programs that have no equivalent in television. Also it was found that the number of hours spent in viewing television vary from one student to another. Mostly run from 1-2 hours daily but as for video it runs from 3-4 hours daily.

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