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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 5, No. 1, 1993

A Taxonomy for Organizational Pattern Questions and How to Train Students to Make Decisions towards Answering Questions / Nadia A. Bakkar

The cause of the students' inability to make decisions about selecting the information for answering questions is one of the main negative aspects in our educational system. This cause shows that this system, especially in the elementary stage is based on memorization and recalling.
The recent experimental studies in content area reveal the significance of students training on organizational patterns. so they can predict the kind of information used in answering the questions.
In spite of this fact these studies are few on the international and national levels. No study has ever revealed the ability to use the organizational patterns in forming the questions that go along with the organizational patterns in content area and its effect in developing the skill of decision making. Thus we developed this study to classify a taxonomy for the questions of organizational patterns in content area and how to form questions for this taxonomy. The researcher has applied this taxonomy in different levels of elementary education

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