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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 6, No. 1, 1994

Vocational Guidance in University Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Mohammad Shahhat H. Khateeb

As a considerable number of educational, vocational, or social non-adaptation cases are due tothe lack of sufficient guidance programs, the need for this service in our schools is considerably increasing,especially at the university level,
A sample of 676 male students was randomly chosen from the seven Saudi universities during the sec-ond half of the academic year AH. 1412/1413, 1992/1993,  in order to identify the guidance services in those universities and to measure to what extent the university students benefit from them. The study aimed at finding the relation between the guidance services and the students’ choices of their specialties in the university, as well as the relation between those specialties and demand in the job market. The study also explores the role of the guidance services in students' attitudes towards work and university education as well as their awareness of the types of jobs available for them after graduation. A number of variables, such as age, type of secondary school. grade point average at the university, and type of college, were examined to see the effect of such variables upon students' attitudes.


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