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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 6, No. 1, 1994

Perceptions of Riyad Secondary School Teachers toward their Participation in Planning and Developing Curricula / Mohammad A. Al-Daihan

The purpose of this study was to investigate the point of view of male high school teachers in Riyadh toward their participation in curriculum building and development.
To achieve this purpose the researcher reviewed related literature and collected data through a questionnaire which he designed. 340 teachers were selected as a stratified random sample to participate in the study.
The following are the major finding of the study:
1- There was a general agreement among participants that the participation of teachers in both curriculum building and curriculum development was very low. The importance of the participation was very high. and also they preferred a few styles of participation.
2 - Saudi. more experienced. and older teachers recommended a greater share of participation.
3 - Based on the results of the study. the researcher recommended:
a. More teacher participation in the building and developing of curricula.
b. A necessity to develop the qualifying programs for secondary school teachers so that these Programs would include courses that enable teachers to participate in the planning and Developing of school curricula. 
c. A necessity to confine admission to colleges of education to students with higher scores.
d. Designing several studies concerning the teachers’ participation on developing and building Curricula with regard to different variables. Such as sex, area, educational stages… etc.

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