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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 7, No. 1, 1995

The Relationship between Some Family Variables and the Academic Achievement of the Saudi Female University Student : A Field Study / Hekmat M. Al-Orabi

This research aims mainly at investigating the relationship between some family variables and the academic achievement of the Saudi female university student. The family variables included the socio-economic status of the family, family life-style and the types of interactions within the family.
The present study views the relationship between family variables and academic achievement from a different perspective. for it assumes the presence of some intermediate variables that give functional value to the independent variables investigated in the study. Also, the present study is important in view of the fact that it can be utilized in educational planning for Saudi females.
The study group consisted of 500 female students enrolled in the second and third levels in the University Center for Female Students. A questionnaire was designed and implemented to answer the research questions posed in the study.
The study concludes that there are some intermediate variables that are responsible for the translation of the effect of the independent family variables into final positive or negative factors in academic achievement.

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