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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 9, No. 1, 1997

Evaluation for the Technical Status of KSA Clubs for A.H. 1414 Season in Athletics / Zaky M. Darwish, Taysir A. Soleman

It is the policy of the Presidency General of Youth Welfare to raise the technical, administrative and skills level of all activities in order to improve Saudi accomplishments in all international sports events and also to reach through sports activities in general. and athletics in particular. the level of the advanced countries. This is the policy which has been adopted by the Saudi Arabian Union of Athletics for amateurs as an objective to improve the sports results in athletics competitions. To realize justice and fairness in evaluation. the technical committee has applied a new scientific system for the first time, and that through undertaking an evaluating study on KSA clubs from the three categories , First-Youth-Beginners,  in Athletics for the A.H. 1414 season.
A survey study has been performed on 153 registered clubs in the Saudi Arabian Union for Athletics. Their activities and results in athletics competitions have been assessed in order to specify their levels. degrees and interests for the three classes (First, Youth and Beginners), as well to recognise their defects so as to overcome and avoid them. This has been done scientifically and objectively on clear standards including all comprehensive elements for evaluation. 
The results of the study showed that some regions were more active than others. and that less clubs obtained an excellent degree from the beginners category in comparison with the categories of Youth and First. And that the most number of clubs which obtained the degrees of poor and very poor in both classes of Youth and First were also from the beginners.
This study results in the introduction of some scientific facts which should be the basis of selection and orientation of beginners for athletic competitions. This should be, firstly. the clubs own interest. and the beginners phase should be the essential base for the Athletics competitions which will provide the other phases with accurate and honorable elements as representatives for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia internally in the future.

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