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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 9, No. 1, 1997

Job Stress as Perceived by Faculty at University Level Education / Hend Majed Al-Khuthaila

The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of job stress as perceived by both faculty and administrators at university level education. This is due to its importance as a factor that affects a number of issues: class management, decision making, participation in seminars and conferences, activities and measures taken to improve performance and academic standards, and evaluating as well as updating syllabuses and curriculums. The significance of the study emanates from the fact that the effect of job stress in relation to the social, economic. and political life of the academic individual has not been previously studied. The population of the study is derived from King Saud and Om Alqura Universities. The total of the sample was 134 males and females randomly selected from faculty and administrators. Analysis of the data of the study showed that: 
1. Job stress is caused by the thinking style of the research population.
2. Expectation of the boss regarding his employees' adoption of his style of work or not was the main reason for failed expected result.
3. The importance of clarify the objectives of the job in relation to the expectation of the institutional goals.
4. The necessity of balancing attitudes about responsibility and Loyalty.
5. Job stress challenges the growth and development of higher education and its performance.
6. Levels of performance within the frames of planning. policy, guidance and supervision are influenced by job stress which has a causal impact on academic achievment.

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