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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 9, No. 1, 1997

The Effect of a Corrective Feedback Technique on Reducing NonNative-Speaking Students' Composition Errors / Oqlah M. Smadi

Most high-school Jordanian students' compositions suffer from a large number of grammatical, lexical, and orthographic errors. Their teachers wish to reduce such errors and would like to know how to do it. This study is an attempt in this direction. It aims at investigating the efficacy of Lalande Composition Correction Strategy (LCCS) on reducing the grammatical and orthographic errors of high-school students in Jordan. Forty eleventh-grade students were selected; 20 comprised and experimental group and another 20 comprised the control group. The experimental group underwent a special treatment using LCCS for ten weeks. A pretest was given to both groups at the beginning of the study and a posttest at the conclusion of the experiment. The t-test was used to compare between the means of errors of both groups. The results revealed that the experimental group committed significantly fewer errors. The effect of LCCS was marked on article errors, spelling errors, and structure errors. Teachers are recommended to use it since it can help in developing their students' writing skill.

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