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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 9, No. 2, 1997

Social Studies Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Riyadh Intermediate Schools and Its Relation with Some Variables / Abdollah I. Alajaji

The purpose of this study is to investigate job satisfaction for social studies teachers in the intermediate schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It was also aimed to find out to what extent do social studies teachers at the intermediate schools differ in their job satisfaction. An instrument was developed for this study. The reliability and validity of the instrument were done. A questionnaire was designed to measure teachers’ job satisfaction. Needless to state that many items in the questionnaire were previously used in a different study . The population of this study consists of all 400 social studies teachers working in 137 intermediate schools in the city of Riyadh. Saudi Arabia. A sample of 38 schools (28% of Riyadh's intermediate schools) was randomly selected. All 114 social studies teachers working in these schools participated in this study. Of the questionnaires delivered to the schools, 105 were returned (92%)  and statistically analyzed. Results of the study show that 74% of social studies teachers were satisfied in their job. The results also show no correlation between job satisfaction and the following independent variables: age, experience, training, and area of specialty. Meanwhile, statistical analysis shows some correlation between degree and job satisfaction. Correlation was also found between job satisfaction and school of graduation for Al-Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University.

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