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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 10, No. 1, 1998

Modeling in the Field of Educational Planning / Anmar M. Kaylani, M. Eid Dirani

Necessity requires the identification of effective, scientific techniques to serve the purposes of educational planning in terms of theory and practice in order to develop effective plans. One of these techniques is modeling and its use in education. This study aims at explaining this concept and presenting it to the educational planner within the following contexts: the modeling concept and its relation to theory and their interaction, and the importance of developing models in the fields of education and problem solving. It also, aimed at analyzing models through the identification of the model's internal relations, its uses, its types, and the connection of modeling with planning; and to point out the utilization of models in the fields of planning for the students and faculty members. and to find optimal solutions to educational problems. This study also introduced to the educational planner the concept of simulation models. and provided a set of Arabic and foreign studies in which models were used and developed in the field of educational planning. The study recommended the use of models in the field of education, and the developing of new models to obtain constructive and effective planning.

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