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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 10, No. 2, 1998

A Suggested Strategy for Using the Computer as an Instructional Medium / Abdullah AbdulAziz AI-Hadlaq

Though we realize the importance of using the computer as an instructional medium, some educational settings did not gain the potential effects that computers promise. Some schools that use computers in instruction did not achieve the purpose of using computer-assisted instruction, because they thought that the only thing needed to purchase computers and instructional software, without paying attention to their use. Successful usage of computers in education depends on the extent of goals and objectives the computer programs can achieve within a comprehensive strategy for integrating computers in school curricula.
Due to the high cost of computers and their programs, there is a need to see successful implementation of computer-assisted instruction, in order to justify investing money, time, and effort. Thus, the researcher conducted a study to show how to use computers in education effectively. He intended to come up with a comprehensive strategy for effective implementation of computer-assisted instruction, through answering the following questions:
1 - When should computers be used as an instructional medium?
2 - What distinguishes the computer from other instructional media?
3 - How can the computer help weak students?
4 - What is the role of the computer in improving the process of learning?
5 - How can computers be used in instruction effectively?

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