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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 10, No. 2, 1998

A Comparison of Educational Competencies Needed by Elementary Teachers in Both Government and Private Girls Schools in Riyadh / Fawziyya Bakr al-Bakr

The study aims to identify the differences in teacher performance in both government and private primary girls schools. Forty - seven educational competencies were tested and classified under six axes as follows: preparing and presenting school subjects, human relations, encouraging students for classroom participation, classroom management evaluation, and teacher's academic and professional growth. 
303 government primary teachers and 167 private school teachers, who were randomly selected, were included in the study. The sample represents 4.4% of all female teachers at the primary level in Riyadh. Except for human relations and classroom management, results indicate that no sufficient statistical differences were found either as a whole or according to -axis. However, no differences were observed in performance in any of the forty - seven educational competencies which were examined in the study between teachers in government or private schools.

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