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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 3, 2014

The level of Islamic Studies' Teachers knowledge about Feedback Strategies and Exams and The Effect of using them / Mohammad Abdulkareem Al-Ayasrah, Thurayya Suleman Al-Shabibi

The study aimed at determining Omani female teachers' knowledge of the written feedback strategies and exams and the effect of using them. The sample of the study included (34) female teachers'. The researchers analyze (1904) classroom written activities, (68) homework, (204) reports, and (816) exams. And tow tools used in the study, the first was a test for level of Islamic studies' teachers knowledge about feedback strategies and exams. The descriptive approach was adopted. The main findings of the study are: Teachers' levels of knowledge was rated very high with regard to written feedback reinforcement and was moderate in written corrective, informative, and interpretive feedback. Generally, the written corrective feedback that was most commonly used in homework, exams, reports and the classroom written activities by the Islamic studies' teachers are: informative, strategies followed by corrective strategies and then interpretive strategies. There are no significant differences (α=.,05) in using the four written feedback strategies due to the level of teachers' knowledge about these strategies. The study provided a number of recommendations.
Key Words: The strategies, written feedback strategies, written work and exams.

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