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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 3, 2014

The Effect of using Reciprocal Teaching Strategy in Developing the Natural Intelligence by Students of Geography Department in the College of Basic Education University of Mosul / Fadhil Khalil Ibrahim, Rawaa Bahae Karkaje

The research aims to identify the effect of using reciprocal teaching strategy in developing of natural intelligence among the students of the third grade / Department of Geography / College of Basic Education, university of Mosul. The research sample included (58) male and female students distributing randomly into two groups, the experimental group numbered (30) male and female students were taught by reciprocal teaching strategy, either the control group were included (28) male and female students were taught by the traditional Method. The researchers prepared a tool to measure the natural intelligence, introduced to a group of experts in the field of Education and Psychology to find the face validity; the reliability of the tool was (0.82). By conducting statistical treatments the results showed that there is statistically significant difference between the two groups in favor of the experimental group. In the light of the results the researchers recommended that the reciprocal teaching strategy should be used in the department of Geography. Further studies dealing with other variables were be recommended
Key Words: I interactive learning, multiple I intelligence, Prediction Strategy, Geography Education.

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