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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 27, No. 1, 2015

A comparative study between high school educational systems (Annual/Courses) in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia with special focus on the performance of students at admission tests and their average GPA at preparatory year / Mohammed Abdullah Alzamil

This study aimed to compare the two systems of secondary education (Annual/System courses) in the performance of students in the admission tests and GPA of preparatory year. Researcher follow one of the descriptive methods which is called the causalcomparative method, he used T-test, Tow-Way ANOVA and Multiple regression analysis for statistical processing. The study sample includes (7,256) male and (4,606) female students who have completed secondary school during (2011-2012) and they passed successfully their preparatory year at King Saud University. The results showed that the annual system is better in students' performance on GPA of Secondary school , the course system is better in abilities test and GPA of preparatory year. The results also showed that there is an effect of the interaction between the educational system and majors of students (scientific/literary) on their performance in GPA of secondary school and the achievement test, it was found also the interaction of the educational system with sex on the performance of students in the achievement test. The results also showed the ability of GPA Secondary school to predict GPA of preparatory year, GPA of preparatory year and the achievement test together in both secondary school systems.
Key Words: Educational system, Secondary education, Educational courses System.

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