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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 27, No. 1, 2015

Relationship between Job Burnout and the Effectiveness of the Administrative Jobs Performance among Saudi and Jordanian University Leaders: A Cross-cultural Comparison Study / Gharbi Marji Al-Shammari

The study aims to reveal the relationship between job burnout and the effectiveness of the administrative jobs performance among Saudi and Jordanian university leaders through applying a descriptive analytical and correlative approach by applying two questionnaire on the population of the study consisting of (353) deans and deputy deans, including (221) Saudi university leaders and (132) of Jordanian university leaders. The study highlights many important results; there is a difference in the level of feeling of job burnout in its three dimensions of (the emotional fatigue, the weakness of human relations, and the personal achievement) among all the university leaders. The study shows that the job burnout level among the Saudi leaders was intermediate, while it was high among the Jordanian leaders. In addition, the study shows a negative correlation - statistically significant -between the feeling of job burnout of all leaders and the effectiveness of the administrative jobs performance (planning- organization - and directing), while there was a positive correlation - statistically significant differences- between their feeling of job burnout and the effective performance of the dimension of (control).
Key words: Institutions of Higher Education, University Administration, Functional Behavior.

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