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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 27, No. 2, 2015

The Effect of Teaching Science via Accelerated Learning Cycle Model on the 10th Grade Female Students' Attitude toward Science and Self-concept at North Al Batinah Governorate in Oman / Abdullah Ambusaidi, Ruqaia Al-Naqbi

This study aimed to investigate the effect of using Smith et al. accelerated learning cycle model on students' attitude towards science and self- concept. The study sample consisted of (50) female 10th grade students. They were divided into two groups: an experimental group (N=25), which was taught science by Smith et al. accelerated learning cycle model and a control group (N=25), which was taught science by the conventional learning method. The study was implemented in the second semester of the academic year 2012/ 2013. To achieve the study aims, teacher guide was developed to help science teacher of the experimental group to teach via Smith et al. accelerated learning cycle model. In addition, an attitude towards science scale (31 items) and self-concept scale (25 items) were developed and implemented to both groups. The validity of the two instruments was checked through panel of judges and their reliability was calculated using internal consistency methods using coefficient Alpha Cronbach. The reliability for attitude towards science scale was (0.80) and (0.82) for self- concept scale. The findings of the study revealed that there were no statistical significant difference in attitude towards science between the two groups but there was a statistical significant difference in self-concept at (α = 0.05) in favor of experimental group. Consequently, the study proposed several recommendations and suggestion to develop teaching science.
Key words: Teaching Science, Model Stages, Classroom Environment

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