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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 28, No. 2, 2016

The token of the Locust Control in Learning Swimming and its relation with the type of sex and the course for Physical Education Students / Bahjat Ahmad Abu Tame

This study aimed to identify the token of Locus control in l earning skills and types of swimming for Students whose specialization is Physical Education It clarifies the differences in the token of locus control according to the Sex of the Students and the type of the course. It also looks for the relation between it and the token of the Locust control. To achieve this; the researcher using a questionnaire by referring to the Scale (Salem 1985), from random sample of (111) Students. The result of this study shows that Locust Control that has internal dimention is dominant for Students whose specialization is PE and that when they learn swimming (3.91), while the mean came away from external Locust Control (2.81). The results show that no difference in the token of Locust Control between males and females and between Students of Swimming Courses (1+2) In addition to that there were no links between the Locust control and Independent variables.
Key words: Sport Psychology, Motor learning, Causal Attribution.

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