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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 28, No. 3, 2016

The relationship between the pre-school children`s emotional and social competence / Aljawharh Alsukah

The research aims to identify the level of emotional competence of pre-school children and its relationship to their social competence. The sample of the study consisted of 99 male and females children, ages ranging from 4-6 years. The researcher prepared the emotional competence scale to the pre-school children, in addition, it was used California scale for social competence for pre-school children, which been adapted to the Arab Environment. The finding of the study showed that the emotional competence level was higher in female children compared to males. However, the social competence in male and female were comparable. In addition, there were positive significant correlation between emotional competence and social competence to all preschool children (male and female).Furthermore; the findings were found statistical significant differences between the mean scores in the emotional competence for male and female children, for the favor of female. Moreover, it was found statistically significant differences between the mean scores in the social competence for male and female children, these differences were in favor of female children.
Key Words: Emotion Knowledge, Emotional Expression, School readiness, Emotion Regulation.

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