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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 28, No. 3, 2016

Self-efficacy, future anxiety, and their relationships with learning motivation among students with hearing disability in Gaza strip / Abdullah Adel Shorap

This study aimed to determine the relationship between self-efficacy and future anxiety with learning motivation among student with hearing disability in Gaza governorate. The study sample was consisted of (106) secondary school students (male and female) of Mustafa Al- rafei Secondary School for deaf. To achieve the study objectives, the self-efficacy and future anxiety tools were constructed by the researcher, while the learning motivation tool (prepared by Kozeki & Entwistle, 1984) and translated to Arabic by (Suliman, 1989) was modified and used, the tools' validity and reliability were checked. The results of the study indicated a significant negative relationship between self-efficacy and future anxiety, also found a statistical significant positive relationship between the self-efficacy and the motivation to learn. Also there was a weak but not statistically negative relationship between future concern and motivation to learn among the study subjects. Results indicated that there were statistically significant differences in self-efficacy, future anxiety, and motivation to learn related to male gender. Also there was statistically significant difference between motivation to learn among students with high and low self-efficacy relate to those with high self-efficacy. On the other hand there was statistically significant difference among the motivation to learn sample's averages of future anxiety groups and learning motivation related to low future anxiety group. The researcher discussed the results and devised recommendations in the light of literature review and previous studies.
Key words: Special Education, Hearing disability, Secondary education.

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