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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 28, No. 3, 2016

Portfolio as a Vehicle for Empowering Competencies to Pre-service Teachers in Early Childhood at Al-Quds University / Buad Khales

This study aimed to investigate the role of portfolio as a vehicle for enhancing competencies to pre service teachers in early childhood at Al-Quds University. Ten students of Practicum course participated in this study, in which the researcher employed the classroom observation, interview, and portfolio analysis as instruments and utilized the qualitative method and the grounded theory to analyze collected data. The results section listed the contents of portfolio, which pre service teachers worked on collectively. portfolio contents came as follows: project plan, daily plan, sample of learners-designed educational games, photos of activities implemented during field training by the student teacher , videos, reflection, children’s worksheets and samples of children's work. the result shows that the highest competences was teaching strategies and create educational materials (28.6) mean, then design learning environment and professional development that hold (28.2). so planning hold (27.4), As well evaluation attain (24.4).
Keywords: Portfolio, Early childhood, Competences, Professional Development.

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