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Parental Rearing Styles and Trait Anxiety among College Students / Hussein Salem Sharah

The study aimed at investigating the relationship of parental rearing styles (democratic-authoritarian) and (acceptance - rejection) with sons/daughters anxiety trait. Also, it aimed to explore the differences between male and female students in anxiety traits and their perceptions of fathers and mothers' rearing styles. The Spielberger et al. Anxiety Trait Inventory and the Parents Rearing Attitude Questionnaire were administered to 263 freshmen students at Mutah University - Jordan, of which 115 were males and 148 females.

The results of the study showed a negative and significant relationship between both fathers' and mothers' rearing styles separately and sons'/daughters' anxiety traits. The results also revealed that the mean scores of female students were higher than the mean scores of male students on anxiety traits. but there were no significant differences between male and female students on both parent rearing styles , democratic-authoritarian,  and , acceptance - rejection,  for fathers and mothers separately.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am