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The Uses of the Right Physical Organs and Their Terms in Islamic Jurisprudence / Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al. Robaish

One of the greatest qualities of Islam is its inclusiveness of all aspects of life. All Muslims benefit from this quality. Islam calls for orderliness, organization. tidiness, and accuracy in whatever acts a Muslim may handle in his daily life. Meanwhile, it calls for abandoning all forms of disorder, carelessness, and chaotic acts. This. among many other things. proves that Islam is a universal religion which is valid for alI people at all ages. This research. which deals with "Attayamon and Its Rules" comes to stress on one of the fruits brought about by the great qualities of Islam. "Attayamon" means that a Muslim should give precedence to his right hand, leg, or side in starting all his physical acts. The "rules" focus on the regulations and rules pertaining to this subject. The importance of this research is presented in peoples' need of applying the rules of Attayamon in their daily life. This research brings together and studies the different topics and rules pertaining to attayamon. The researcher has divided his work into 12 chapters. each of which includes different issues and questions woven in a harmonious way. The researcher arrived at a number of conclusions at the end of this research.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am