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The Evaluation of the Teaching Performance of University Professors as Perceived by College of Education Students / Abdulrahman I. Almahboob

The aim of this study was to come to an understanding of the teaching performances of King Faisal University professors as perceived by College of Education students. The sample included 273 male and female students who were asked to respond to a questionnaire. The researcher applied the descriptive method by using ANOVA, percentage, frequency, mean, Tukey, and graph procedures. The findings indicated that there are differences between the perceptions of male versus female students in ranking the teaching skills of professors. In addition, results showed that students in the humanities major demonstrated greater perception of teaching performance than those in the science major. According to the findings of the study, some suggestions were recommended to the decision makers in the university in order to raise some of the professors' teaching performance.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am