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Problems Facing Students Enrolled in Teacher Colleges in Saudi Arabia in the Light of Some Variables / Hamdan Ahmed Al-Ghamdi

The aim of the study was to identify the problems which face students at teachers colleges in Saudi Arabia. To achieve this aim, the investigator developed a 65-item questionnaire. The questionnaire was administered to a representative sample of 1534 students. Proper ways of statistical analysis. were used to deal with the data of the study. Results revealed that the most serious educational problems were as follows: ignoring students' circumstances when designing the schedule, condensing the monthly exams over short periods of time, the clear variance in faculty members' ways of dealing with students, and the overemphasis on general preparation subjects rather than on subject specialization. The most serious personal problems revealed by the study were as follows: weakness of motivation for studying some subjects, feeling of anxiety before final exams, and students' suffering from lack of cooperation and encouragement by some faculty members. The most serious social problems were as follows: the lack of proper housing in teachers colleges, the search for part-time jobs to meet the needs of life, transportation problems to and from the campus and the absence of social activities on campus. Also, significant differences in the problems facing students at teachers colleges were observed. regardless of the social status and type of students , full-time and part-time students, . The results of the analysis of variance and Scheffe test revealed significant statistical differences in students' views with regard to the accumulative grade level of study, specialization and college. In the light of these findings, the investigator made some recommendations and suggestions.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am