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The Relationship between Education and National Security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Mohammed Al-Khoteeb

There exists a strong bond between the individual citizens' level of education and the sense of national security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The late King Abdulaziz, founder of present day Saudi Arabia, had a clear vision of the extent of this relationship as early as A.H. 1343/1922.
The grass-roots of this mutual relation, that links education with sociopolitical stability, go back in history to the emergence of the First Saudi State which was founded on the principles of Islamic reform led by Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulwahab and supported by Imam Mohamed bin Saud . A basic concept supported by his Imam, was that upholding the genuine version of the Islamic teachings is essential to gain victory and realize peace and stability both within and outside the boundaries of the state.
Given this situation, this study was prepared to commemorate the centennial of the foundation of the Kingdom and to elucidate the relationship between Saudi efforts in education and national peace and stability in Saudi Arabia . This endeavor also includes delineating the impact of education on national security in Saudi Arabia as well as presenting the practical conceptualization of linking national security plans with the development of education in the country.
The methodology of the study is descriptive in nature; the researcher treated the subject at hand through a discussion of educational concepts and scholarly writings related to education and social stability, with emphasis on the Kingdom. Other educational areas that are associated with the subject include political education. economic education, social education, and military education . Detailed speculation about the future relationship between education and national stability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also presented

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am