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Elementary School Principal Training Needs as Seen by Elementary School Principals in Al-Hassa / Abdulla A. Al-Sahlawi

This study was conducted to investigate the perceptions of elementary school principals in Al-Hassa toward the training needs of elementary school principals. A random sample of 67 principals participated in the study. It was found that the ten training needs most necessary for elementary school principals are: 1- developing decision - making skills; 2- having knowledge of how to evaluate teachers and other school employees; 3- being acquainted with the rules and Jaws governing public education; 4- having information about modem technology in school administration: 5- recognizing students' problems and how to solve them; 6- understanding teaching methods; 7 developing administrative ethics; 8-understanding the nature of human relations and team work; 9- having knowledge of how to form school councils; 10-having knowledge of how to initiate effective change. At the end of the study the researcher offered some suggestions to improve training programs for school principals

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am