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Joy: A Quranic Educational Study / Zaid Omar Abdallah

This study deals with joy in the light of the Quran and indications of the verses and their guides. with reference to humanistic studies. Man is created with emotions. and joy is one of these emotions. Man by his nature is unbalanced towards these emotions, thus Islam cares to control them and direct them to do their positive role in man's life. The study shows that there are three kinds of joy. First, that which is desired; it deals with religious matters. it has good forms, and its effects are positive. Second, that which is dispraised; it comes from misled groups that are Jewish, hypocrite, unbeliever, and inferior. The researcher showed many examples of this kind and explained their negative effects. Third. that which is legitimate; it is harmonized with the normal human being. The researcher mentioned that caution should be exercised concerning this kind becuase leniency in its regard may lead to undesirable results. The researcher concluded that the Quran has a distinct manner in dealing with emotions in terms of ruling. controlling. and guiding. There are some common factors between the Quran and claims of some philosophical schools and psychology about the matter. This study is considered an applied trial for objective explanation.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am