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Using the Internet in Higher Education / Abdullah A. Almosa

During the past decade, an explosion of computer and network technologies has linked widely distributed computer networks together to form a global network called the Internet The tremendous growth and impact of the Internet at home and in the workplace have placed additional pressure on education to adopt this technology and alter how education is delivered Using the Internet in higher education has become a new trend in the field of curriculum,
The purpose of this study is to answer the following questions:
- What is the Internet?
- How should the Internet be used in higher education?
- What are the barriers to using the Internet in higher education?
A systematic computer search of the literature was conducted through the Internet and ERIC to identify potentially relevant studies.
This study found that educators are generally in favor of using the computer and Internet in education. Moreover, educators believe that the Internet can be used in higher education in many ways, such as administration, curriculum, and research. The recommendations include the need to give more attention to new technology in general and to the Internet in particular.

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Abdullah A. Almosa
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