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Reading Skills and Strategies Which Help to Understand Verbal Problems in Mathematics  / Saleh  Abdul-Ariz Al-Nassar

Poor performance in reading, understanding and realizing what is required by verbal problems in mathematics, and thus answering the problemlquestion implied, is by far, as indicated by a number of researchers, one of the major problems facing students in mathematics. In an attempt to introduce some practical soluations to that problem, this study aimed at shedding some light on the role played by reading in teaching mathematics in general and verbal problems in particular. The study aslo aimed at presenting some reading skills and strategies that may help students to overcome reading and comprehension difficulties and understand verbal problems found in mathematics books. In the conclusion, the researcher recommended that educators and those concerned with teaching mathematics provide mathematics teachers with the most important reading skills and strategies that may help students to comprehend and understand verbal mathematical problems, He also recommended to provide specialized training courses in reading and comprehension skills and strategies for mathematics teachers and superintendents, before and during service, to achieve better performance in teaching verbal mathematical problems.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am