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Tasks Made By Educational Supervisors towards Intermediate Stage Teachers from the Teachers' Points of Views  / Othman  Al Burikan

The aim of this study is to acknowledge some tasks made hy educational supervisors towards intermediate stage teachers from the teachers' point of views. The sample was composed of some 622 teachers, from governmental schools, intermediate level Then. they were selected randomly from the seven educational supervising centers in Riyadh City , Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern, Central, Rawdah, and Al Sweidi, . The percentage of sample to population is I 7.69°.0 The researcher designed a questionnaire, composed of three parts, the first part deals with some information about the teacher's experience. academic qualification, and subject taught. The second part of the questionnaire discusses what the educational supervisor does in each visit. The third part deals with supervising activity, made by the supervisor in the second visit. After viewing Arab and foreign studies in the field of educational supery ision_ and after conducting statistical analysis, the study reached the following results. The most important of these results is the development of the teacher evaluation form currently used by the educational supervising department. That is, it is to be designed on the basis of educational and scientific criteria, which measure the role and performance of the teacher in the educational process in and outside the class. In addition, the study concentrates on the importance of educational reports submitted by educational superb isms to he scientifically studied and analyzed. for these reports are main source necessary for developing teachers' performance and increasing their educational level. Also. these reports can be used to treat some effective constraints of educational supervision efficiency_ and paying more interest for teachers IN pc: and in service training So. new attitudes and approache in the field of educational supervision should be adopted, such as using clinical supervision, cooperative supery ision, objected supervision, and developmental supervision. as part yr educational stipery ision.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am