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Evaluating the Computer Curriculum Applied in the High Schools in the Presidency of Girls Education  / Olfat M. Fodah

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the computer program applied for the first time in some selected girls high schools throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from the viewpoint of both the teachers and the students. The results showed that teachers and students both had a hard time dealing with the new course. The teachers found the students not disciplined enough to learn and take the course seriously because it was not yet officially required. Teachers found the theoretical part of the curriculum hard to teach while the students found it hard to study. Additionally, they had a problem where the number of students exceeded the number of computers available in the computer labs:, moreover, computer equipment was constantly failing due to lack of maintenance. Teachers have suggested different ideas to lessen the problems they are facing, such as asking the administration to provide a data projector in every lab. They also want a department that is responsible for the computer cumculum where they can turn to when they need help. The study also showed that student knowledge about computers at the end of the year was very limited, which confirmed what teachers had previously indicated about students not caring about the course. It was also found that computer labs were not hooked up to an outside network of any kind.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am