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Beck Depression Inventory , BDI,   / Samer Rudwan

Standardizing measuring instruments availability in the local environment and other communities permits accurate diagnosis for psychological disorders, and the carrying out of survey studies and cross cultural comparisons particularly in connection with one or more or the most widespread forms of psychological disorders, namely depression. This study aims at standardizing the Beck Depression Inventory , BDI, , which is considered one of the most widespread measuring instruments in the world. The sample contained 1134 examinees taken from the students of Damascus University. The researcher used the Beck Depression Inventory , BDI, , which was adapted to the Arabic language by Ahmad Abdul Khalek. contained in the manual guide in the form of instructions in 1996. The statistical analysis consisted of the test of reliability of the Beck Depressions Inventory through its re-test analysis, nonstructural validity, and internal consistency analysis. The results showed that the Beck Depression Inventory , BM,  had good validity and reliability and correlated with a number of variables, such as neuroticism, introversion, helplessness and social anxiety, together with some clinical symptoms and obsession, and it correlated negatively with extroversion. Items were subjected to factor analysis, which led to the deducing of 4 factors, the Eigen value of which was more than one. All items had been loaded which meant the presence of good qualities of the list. The study did not indicate the presence of any significant differences between age groups with the exception of two male age groups. Standard degrees were calculated in the form of t-scores. In general, the results indicate the relevance of the Beck Depression Inventory , BDI,  for diagnostic and research purposes in Syria.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am