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Effectiveness of Suggested Model to Teach Constructivism in Development Constructivist Teaching Practices for Science Teachers and in Accommodative Alternative Conceptions about Chemical and Biochemical Concepts for the First Year Intermediate Students in Riyadh  / Malak M. Al-Soleem

This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of suggested Model to teach constructivism in development constructivist teaching practices for female science teachers and in accommodating alternative conceptions about chemical and biochemical concepts for the first year intermediate students in Riyadh. The Research prepared a list of constructivist teaching practices and a test of Alternative Conceptions. The sample consisted of 12 female science teachers who were engaged in the education diploma program in Education College of Girls in 1422 Ft and 240 of the first year intermediate students The major findings of the study were as follows: There was a statistical difference at the level of , 0.01,  between pre-post average scores of the lists. This difference was in favor of the post average scores. - The effectiveness of suggested model in developing constructivist teaching practices. - The effectiveness of constructivist teaching practices in accommodative alternative conceptions about chemical and biochemical concepts.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am