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The Attitude Towards Computers by the Female Students in the College of Education  / Olfat M. Fodah

in this paper a survey was conducted to judge the attitudes of the female students in the College of Education towards computer technology. The analysis of the data collected indicated that: 1,  The average response of the students fell in the middle of the scale, which indicated a neutral position toward computer technology. 2,  The student's education about computer technology was good, but there was no significant relationship between computer education and the attitude towards it. 3,  There was significant evidence that a student's attitude towards computers related to her expertise in computers, her college level study, and her college major. Students with more expertise in computer were less intimidated by it, as were the younger students_ Additionally, they had more confidence in their ability to work with computers than students in higher levels arid/or with less experience with computers.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am