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Reading Comprehension Difficulties at the General Educational Stages  / Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Khatib

The main aim of this study is to identify the reading comprehension academic difficulties at the different general stages of education in Al-Jubeil Industrial school in Saudi Arabia. The researcher devised the tool of the study which consisted of six questionnaires to achieve the purposes of the study. The sample of the study included 521 students representing the different stages of education, and 52 Arabic language teachers from tote different stages of education. To analyze the data, the researcher used the ratio, and comparison between the teachers' responses and those of the students'. The results of the study showed: The study found out the difficulties that hinder the achievement of expected aims of the reading comprehension at the different stages of education. They are Writing down the difficult concepts, the general idea, and the supporting ideas in an inappropriate time in the periods of teaching. - The topics of the reading comprehension text did not satisfy the interests, wishes and needs of the students. The films and the pictures related to topics of the reading passages were not displayed to the student - The school libraries did not have the necessary references from which the reading passages were taken. - The students did not visit the school libraries to enrich the topics of the reading comprehension passages. The students could not use the Arabic language dictionaries easily. School magazines and school broadcasting topics did not include topics relevant to content of the reading comprehension passage. The researcher suggests a number of recommendations that might help to enhance and improve the different curricula components that might assist students to reduce the reading comprehension difficulties.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am