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Suitability of Studio art Classes for Female Art Education Students at the King Saud University Undergraduate Art Education Program / Awad Al Yamy

This study was designed to focus on examining studio art classes and their suitability for the physical, social and production nature of the Saudi female undergraduate art education students. The study aims to pinpoint studio art classes that are not suitable for female students in a culture where tactile work seems to be unwanted. Forty-nine studio art components were studied and classified under four axes as follows: Suitability of female physical abilities, family and social upbringing, preparation for art production, and departmental educational means and capabilities. One hundred and sixteen , 116,  students which represent 25% of the total students enrolled in the first semester of the year 2000/2001 in the female undergraduate art education program at King Saud University were randomly selected for the study. This sample of students represents the major academic levels at the program. The findings of this study indicate the following: 1,  There was no statistical difference found within the students opinions toward the proposed research axis and coursework. 2,  Jewelry-making class may not be suitable for the student's physical capabilities. 3,  Jewelry-making, metal-works, and woodworks classes may not be compatible with the students social, cultural, and family upbringing. 4,  Jewelry-making, metal-works and print-making , on paper,  classes held low scores on the students opinions toward mobility in preparing materials and means in order to meet class requirements. 5,  A strong negative statistical indication was found in the area of departmental educational means and capabilities, Suggestions and recommendations were included to further examine the phenomenon.

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