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Discipline-based Art Education and the Viability of Introducing It, through General Education, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  / Mohamed Hussein A. Aldoyhi

The research is one of the very few works that deal with this theory in Arabic. This is one of the most important , if not the most important,  of all theories in the realm of art education. Unlike the past art education theories, this one has spread tremendously, and was welcomed by numerous art educators all over the world. The theory was established on strong foundations and was supported by many publications. Renowned art educators have conducted and published researches that helped in applying it in bringing it closer to the public and in introducing it to the curriculum of different educational set— ups throughout the world. The researcher has traced the initiation of this theory, followed its development and exhibited some of the most important publications that helped in implementing it The study investigates the viability of introducing the theory to the Saudi Arabian students of general education and includes a summary and a few recommendations.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am