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Factors Leading to Student's Transference among Faculties in King Saud University Abdul Rahman Ibn-Abdul  / Hajar Al-Ghamdi

Research Brief. This study aim at the determination of number of students transferred among faculties in King Saud University and the factors leading to their transference that has been explained in four aspects such as ,  university system , specialization, student and faculty teaching staff member, . In this study , the researcher depends on the questionnaire , official documents , records and statistics issued from the university, the researcher followed the number of the students who have been transferred among faculties during five semesters, beginning from the first semester 1420/142111, and ending with the first semester 1422/1423H. The questionnaire has been applied to , 192, , whom represented a part from the transferred students to the following faculties : education, business administration , engineering, computer and sciences. The study results explained the number of students who have been transferred among faculties during the five semesters according to the faculties that interchange the transference. Also the study results discovered the factors leading to the transference the student's, in addition to that revealed an existence of differences in the sample persons responses concerning some of the factors leading to their transference to the different faculties. Moreover, the researcher presented many of the beneficial recommendations.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am