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The Effects of Memorizing the Quran on the Achievement of the University Level Students  / Saeed Faleh Al-Mighamsi


The aim of this research is to highlight the merits of the Holy Quraan, its effects and features with emphasis on the effects of memorizing the Quraan on the achievement of the university level students. The study consists theoretical and survey aspects. The theoretical aspect concentrate on the major educational and pedagogical effects of reciting, memorizing and studying carefully the Holy Quraan which affect on university students' achievement such as: desire for learning, more effectiveness for achievement, developing of cognitive process like: conception, remembering, measurement, evaluation, thinking, skills of reading and writing, increasing vocabulary and widening the general knowledge of students. While the survey study concentrates on finding out the differences in achievement among students in third and fourth level studying in the faculty of Islamic call and theology in the Islamic university of Madinah by checking their G.P.A., the sample of the study was forty students, half of them memorize the whole Quraan were intentionally selected and half of them were non- memorized they were randomly selected . The result shows that there is no significant statistical difference at 0.05 level between the achievement of the third grade students according to their G.P.A. But it also shows that there are statistical differences at 0.05 level between the achievement of the fourth grade students according to their G.P.A. The researcher draws some recommendations such as teaching the holy Quraanreciting , memorizing and studying carefully in all faculties and different majors and get benefit from the positive effects of studying Quraan at students achievement. Finally the researcher suggests another study aiming at finding out the relation between memorizing of the holy Quraan and the motivation for learning among university level students.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am