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The Problems of Low-achievers as determined by their Perspectives at teacher's college in Al- Rass Governorate in Saudi Arabia  / Hassan Omer Shaker illansi

This study is meant to ivestigate the problems encountered by low-achievers at Teachers College in Al- Rass Governorate which may have a significant impact on their low- level achievement. The Study was conducted by the commencement of the second smester of the scholastic year 1423,H.12003. A.D. The sample of the study consists of , 251,  students viewed as low-achievers. The researcher designed and prefaued a refereed questionnaire to identify the problems of low — achievers. The results of the study revealed the occurrence of low ahchievers' problems pertaining to rules, regulations, library and other facilities, of the college. Other problems of low-achievers are attributed to methods of teaching employed by the teaching staff of the collage. The results also showed that some other problems of low achievers are due to the insufficiency of guidance and counseling programmes and other psychological, social and health services presented by the college. Based on the results of the study, the researcher recommended to provide the college library with reference books. Periodicals and modern scientific publications to motivate the teaching staff to employ audio-vijual aids and to vary teaching learning techniques and strategies. In this regard, the college should select academically professional teaching staff. The researcher also advised to open guidance centres at the college with counselors devoted themselves to guiding a counseling students. And he insisted on the importance of forming various committees to further enhance cohesive social atmposphere among students and that the college should hold enlightenment sminars and symposia for college students, parents and the local community in general.

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