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Role of Supervision of Education in Promoting the Performance of Schools Principals  / Abdulla Haysoon Al-Masaudi ,Abdulla Salim Al Gadi ,Mosleh Saeed Al Gahtani

The aim of this study is to look at supervision of education in its role to promoting the performance of schools principals, based on the recent regulations from the Ministry of Education. To achieve that aim; a questionnaire is designed which is aproved by a group of specialists. The questionnaire was distributed to all principals of the 3 levels of general education schools in Tait city. The responses that satisfied the study requirements were 120. The data was analyzed using statistical pack of social sciences , SPSS, . The results included the following: I. The role of education supervisors was generally not performed in full as specified from MOE, especially regarded as clarification of system regulations and student evaluation method. 2. The supervisors of study subjects, guidance and activities were less concerned to discuss: a. system regulations. b. authorities of school principals. c. student evaluation method. 3. The performance of role for different education supervision categories as rank ordered are as follows: , i,  school administration. , ii,  student guidance. , iii,  study subjects. , iv,  student activities. Recommendations are : 1, It is necessary to establish a co-ordinating unit in education administration. Its duty is to take care of circulars and regulations issued by MOE of educational administration so that performance is , or can be,  integrated between supervisors and schools. 2. It is necessary to create a lob named supervisor of educational administration. His role includes: , a,  define school problems_ , b,  address education supervisors in education administration to describe the current problem. 3. It is necessary to establish a co-ordinating body in MOE in charge of all its promotional regulations and instructions in response to suggestions for education administration. 4. Establish a system to ensure the follow-up of whatever issued by MOE regarding promotional regulations for schools. 5. Hold intensive training courses for education supervisors on care of gifted students and students with special needs.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am